Fully automated production line, using steel coils of 6, 8, 10 mm to automatically produce electrically welded steel meshes.
With extensive use of silent, clean, and very fast brushless motors with encoders, it straightens steel coils, measures and cuts to specification the bars, ensuring high productivity and no scrap of raw materials.

The control system of the machine receives all data on line from the central plant planning computer to which it is fully integrated.

The line control is based on a PLC system to control servo motion drive, inverter, analogical and digital I/O. A label printer at the end of the line receives data to print from the plant supervisor and control system, thus labelling every single component produced.


  • High productivity - no man power needed to operate the machine
  • Zero material scrap - thanks to steel coil feeding all bars are cut to measure
  • Integrated with the plant management system

Leonardo Mesh production line technical specifications

Model: Leonardo Mesh

SMH/12 Green line

Installed electrical power (Kw)    140
Electrical power consumption (8 working hours) (Kwh) 576
Electrical power supply * 400V 3-phase / 50 Hz
Air pressure request (bar) 6
Wire diameter  (mm) 6, 8, 10
Wires feeding system Steel coils
Max length 6 m
Max width 2,3 м
Spacing between longitudinal wires (mm) Multiples of 50
Production capacity (pieces/hour) About 25 units/hour for a flat
mesh with following parameters:
Length = 3000 mm,
Width = 2300 mm,
Wire diameter = 6,8 or 10 mm,
Step = 250 mm,
9 longitudinal bars and
11 transversal steel bars.
Production time for other meshes type
depends on mix


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