Our Vision

To play a leading role in the development and implementation of the best housing experience. This requires efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability along all the stages of the building life cycle, from construction, to day-by-day use, up to the final disposal, for the benefit of our customers, of their communities, of home users and of all future generations.

Our Mission

To delight our customers and end users with superior quality construction for lower costs. This is completed through minimal environmental impact, due to our quality controls, our constant innovation with our suppliers and our internal research & development department leading to superior machinery and technology.


According to our Mission, we will achieve sustainable and profitable growth driven by our values:


We commit to a sustainable development, combining financial performances with environment protection and improvement of living standards for our and future generations.


We value trust and respect based relationship with our partners and with the local communities where we operate. Our daily commitment is to act with respect, honesty and transparency.


We commit ourselves to the highest operational standards, combining technical expertise with management capabilities to deliver high and consistent quality in our products and services, tailored to the needs of each market segment.


We believe diversity is a source of energy and values that feed and boost our growth and in our environment differences add value and make everyone feel accepted and part of a unique, single, focused team.